Our cellar is the pride and joy of our winery, based on strict functional and aesthetic guidelines, it is equipped with the bare necessities to vinify and refine. It's not a technological cellar, it is hardly automated.
It's not a factory at all, but a craftman's workshop. A big craft wine shop.
Inside, we've got everything we need to produce our wine: space, steel and wood.
The acoustic in this place is particularly pleasant, given by the wooden ceiling and the proportions of the large processing room.
We take great care when cleaning and sanitising all work surfaces, with strict protocols refined over the years, which let us, by eliminating the endemic bacterial flora, keep the features of grapes intact, enhance their peculiarities and, last but not least, keep the levels of sulphites low both in the process and in the bottle.
In the cellar, during the whole process of vinification and refinement, the experience acquired in 5 years of harvests in the same field determines the choices that will make the very wine. The interpretation of wine changes from year to year depending on the climate of the season, the yield, the alcohol level but mostly due or thanks to the endless struggle to find the best way to express and enhance the intrinsic value that earth gifts us as good grapes.