The vineyard, conceived as a Bordeaux establishment, has a density of around 4800 plants per hectare.
Arranged in grassed rows, they are planted every 65cm and bent at 60cm over the main wire. In these particular density conditions, plants strongly compete both among one another and with the weeds growing between rows. This training technique leads plants to produce less but to concentrate nutritionals, scents and sugars in a few selected bunches, avoiding the painful and disgraceful practice of manually pruning fruits during advanced season.
Our vineyard averagely yields indeed 70 quintals per hectare.
In detail, Verdicchio around 60, Sangiovese around 80 while Pinot, Lacrima, Sagrantino and Cabernet about 50 quintals per hectare.
All the seasonal operations on plants, such as pruning, untangling and green management, are still carried out manually by us and a few teams of workers friend of ours with a lot of experience. Grapes are hand-picked and arranged in small crates. We don't press or shake them, thus ensuring that an absolutely healthy product gets to the cellar.
Vineyards have been planted in 1998 (the old vineyard), 2000 (the big vineyard) and in 2004 (the Sagrantino's vineyard).